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Brief Intro to the World

Star Era is set in the universe 500 years later when commercial aerotechnics have been very mature and the United Nations have passed the Act on Exploring the Universe and started the Space Era.
Canave the first planet colonized by human beings were infected by “X substances”. All creatures on the planet died within 7 days. Meanwhile, X substances were also infecting the other planets colonized by human beings as well as the Earth.
All creatures, machines, inorganic substances, organic substances and anything else on the Earth were all infected by the X substances. All the creatures became fearsome and brutal, and genetic mutation had a much bigger chance to happen to them.

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Creative Staff

World Designer


Creative Coordinator


Arts Coordinator


Novel Writers

Goldseeker, Avanlanche, Soulaxia, Chiwe Lee, Snail, Flyer, Emotiona, Medea, SkyElf, Fancy, SwaSong, Coldtime, Fanbail, and so on.


Aoi Nanase, Nisiedas, Yokota Mamoru, You Higuri, Kuuchuu Yousai, Monochrosys, NIDY, Kamisama, Akira Himekawa, Sae Ishikawa, SALT, RAHWIA, Cocoon , EL ZHENG, ARIA, WAYJILAM, Ein, YOOSA, KING, N-ZEN, Rem, SIN, KAMI, ACE, AGIN, and so on.

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