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There are 2 types of Infectors, namely common infectors and berserk infectors. Only after defeating a common infector you may encounter a berserk infector with much more health and higher power than a common infector. A berserk infector’s amount of health and power will relate to your level.

When you do not aim at earning experience, it is not a good idea to kill every infector you encounter, but instead you should attack the infectors using an alternative poor card group and let friends attack them. When you encounter a berserk infector, you should use an alternative poor card group to attack them too.
Likewise, you should not use your best card group but use an alternative poor card group instead to attack the berserk infector that your friend encountered, But if the berserk infector only has little health remaining, just use your best card group to kill it because the one who fights the infectors first and the one who gives it the last blow will have a bigger chance to anyone else to win a card of the infector when the infector is killed.
In a word, try to save your energy when encountering Infectors since energy is a pretty rare kind of resources in the game.