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Card Grouping

1. There are 10 options to arrange cards: Time, Higher HP to lower, Lower HP to higher, Higher POW to lower, Lower POW to higher, Higher Energy cost to lower, Lower Energy cost to higher, Higher grade to lower, Lower grade to higher and College.

2. Customizing card groups: Each card group can contain 12 cards at most but only one identical card can be in any group, and also the total energy cost of the cards must not be higher than your Command.
3. Card’s spell: Each card can cast their spell once only during each battle.
4. Card group’s bonuses: With different cards in a card group, the whole group will gain different bonuses of combat stats. 
5. Card group overview: The energy cost, HP, Pow and overall score of the card group will all be shown.
6. Active card group: The active card group is the group you choose to join battle. The cards of the group will be shown. At most 3 cards can fight in each round. The active card group determines your strength in the battle. 
7. Portrait: You may use the image of a card as your portrait.
8. Recommended card groups: You may automatically set up a card group based on the highest power.

You may set up several card groups for use under different circumstances. Remember to click the “Save” button when customizing a card group.