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Character Profile

Player Name: Main character’s name
College: Dragonale College, Skyrage College or Godef College
Level: Main character’s name
Rank: Improves rank through PvP
EXP: The number of current EXP and the required EXP to hit next level
SUPER: When SUPER reaches 100%, the main character will cast a certain spell.
Merits : The numbers of wins and losses in PvP battles.
Motto: Just edit your motto.
Spend Points: Click to unfold the window to augment and unlearn maximum AP and Command.

When leveling up or adding a friend, you will get some points which can be spent to augment your maximum AP and Command.
AP: It will cost you AP to explore any zone. The number of maximum AP will determine your order to act earlier or later in PvP battles.
Command: The value of Command determines the maximum energy cost of your card groups and greatly impacts your strength.