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1. Character info area: The area shows character level, name, the number of Diamonds possessed, the number of Coins possessed, current AP and maximum AP, current energy and maximum energy and the button to buy Diamonds. You may click the “+” beside the AP or Energy bar to regain AP or Energy. 
2. Chat channels: You may enter emoticons and characters in the input bar.
3. Infector warning: When there is an Infector that you have just encountered but not yet defeated, you can simply click the Infector in the middle of the Main UI to unfold the “Enemy” window and then fight them. 
4. Draw: You may spend Kindness, Diamonds, Coupons, Points or something else to draw cards.
5. Explore: By exploring a zone, you can obtain various stuff.
6. Storyline: Simply read fun stories to win handsome rewards.
7. PvP: Fight against other players in the Arena or Tournament for handsome rewards.
8. Character: Check various information of your avatar.
9. Card: Check your cards and customize your card groups.
10. Enhance: Enhance, melt and sell cards in the window.
11. Backpack: Check and use your stuff. 
12. Enemy: Check the Infectors that your friends and you have just encountered and join battle against them.
13. Friend: Inspect the information of your friends, write mail to them, search players, blacklist players, and so on.
14. Vigor: Complete the certain tasks to earn Vigor for rewards.
15. Ranking: Check the rankings and your position.
16. Misc: Album, Share, Exchange, Invite, etc.