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Three Colleges

Dragonale College
Some students are able to wield stardust because their genes are modulated by X substances. They are able to congeal stardust inside their body and send stardust to some parts of their body such as fist to harden it. They are also able to use stardust to enhance the metal stuff they are touching such as weapon and armor. When enhanced by stardust, the weapon will be even sharp enough to slice X substances.
New students are only able to cover a small area about 100 square centimeters by stardust. As they make progress through study, they will be able to cover a bigger area by stardust. To enhance a sword, they need to cover about 1000 square centimeters by stardust.
The students of the Dragonale College need to wear the certain uniform. They also equip their key parts with metal armor because they are able to use stardust to enhance the internal parts of their body and the metal stuff they are touching only.
The parts covered by stardust will gradually be crystallized. It is good to weapons and armor, but it is bad news to fitness since it will harm fitness chronically.

Godef College
Some students of the Godef College have a special internal organ because of a special gene. They are unable to wield stardust directly, but are able to use the organ to wield the dark substances wherever and then control some real substances such as water, metal and so on.
The combat spells of the college are quite similar to ancient magic spells. For example, they are able to transform water into icy pillars. The media that is most often made used of them is water, air, iron, steel and electricity. Very few of them wield fire because they are inside a huge spacecraft.

Skyrage College
The students of the Skyrage College are unable to wield stardust. The X genes inside their body are extremely active and even nearly out of their control. They are able to make use of the X substances inside their body to modify armor, and their control the armor just by their thought.
There are only a few new human beings that have X substances into their body. So there are also some unhuman students in the college. Such students are created by genetic technologies. Some of them were created by X substances plus the genes of some ancient creatures, whilst some were created by X substances plus the genes of some extraterrestrial beings found in the Starsea Ruins. Such creatures may get berserk sometimes suddenly.