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Name: Yin
Age: 11
Brief Intro: Yin is a noble princess of a powerful tribe, and her family is one of the 12 Consortiums, so she is enthusiastic, optimistic and obstinate. Nevertheless, she is glad to be an assistant.

Name: Roy
Age: 13
Brief Intro: Roy is still very young but he has been helping many students of lower grades in the college. Most students think he is kind-hearted, hard-working and dutiful. However, his smile can often make people feel he intends to keep distance from others.

Name: Loyin
Age: 13
Brief Intro: Self-confident and smart Loyin has often practiced swordplay hard alone stealthily. She is so reliable and steady that many people rely on her.
Name: Narsha
Age: 17
Brief Intro: Everyone has his own perception, but Narsha cannot feel the pain. She was also injected with special genes, which granted her the ability to absorb the pain of others.
Name: Yegen
Age: 16
Brief Intro: Yegen is a slowpoke. He excels at swordplay, shooting and cooking. He is ready to shoulder responsibility and pretty tough. He seems unapproachable, but he is always glad to straighten out the mess.