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Star Era is set in the future universe with highly advanced science and technology

The mother planet and the first planet colonized by human beings were infected by “X substances”. All creatures on the planet died within 7 days. Meanwhile, X substances were also infecting the other planets colonized by human beings as well as the Earth.
In order to survive, the human beings alive bombed a small planet, dividing it into 8 parts. Then they built 8 huge spacecrafts based on the 8 parts, and began to roam about in the air.
This game occurs to Aglaea the No. 2 of the 8 spacecrafts.
Aglaea created human beings of a new style by right of cloning technology and genetic optimization. In the 44th year of the Starsea Era, Aglaea founded the Starsea College with three branch colleges namely the Dragonale College, Skyrage College and Godef College. Each of them will teach students different abilities.
The game starts in the 60th year of the Starsea Era. A group of children most of whom are nearly 13 years old are gathering in the Starsea College. Some of them are hot-blooded. Some have been infected by X substances but have not yet lost their human nature. Some are the descendants of the noble on the Earth, some are human beings of a new kind created based on the gene of extraterrestrial beings and human beings from the Earth, some are the descendants of the rulers of Aglaea, whilst some are low-class persons who were born in the dungeons…
The human beings must deal with class conflicts and the potential danger of the infected inside. What’s worse, the dark force controlled by X substances outside are trying to eliminate the human beings? How should the human beings deal with the situation?
Invite friends to fight against the “X substances” and save the universe!